PRR FAX was founded by Bill Strassner, (PRR hire date June 10, 1965; PRRT&HS Member #851) to expedite the sharing of accurate information regarding the Pennsylvania Railroad. It exists for all of us who admire, study and/or worked for the "Standard Railroad of the World". All factual information regarding the PRR is welcome. Accuracy is expected, and if a statement is presented as a "fact", then the reference source must be noted. Since this list is for our enjoyment, the sharing of information, learning and teaching should all be done in a friendly and civil manner at all times. Fond memories and "Rail Tales" are invited, if indicated as such, as they spice up dry factual discussions! The list membership includes a core group of former employees that has over 700 years of combined PRR/successor/related railroad experience, and represent all classes of service from Coach Cleaners to General Managers. Most of them are also PRR Technical & Historical Society Members, and have contributed as authors, reviewers, photographers, providers of PRR material, crossword puzzle creators, speakers, presenters and donors.

Lead Moderator: Ben Hom, PRRT&HS Member #3348


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PRR Modeling

PRR Modeling, created by Bill Strassner, (PRR hire date June 10, 1965; PRRT&HS Member #851) to expedite discussing and sharing information for modeling the late, great Pennsylvania Railroad, including methods, ideas, and prototype information directly related to building models. Emphasis is to be placed on the study of the prototype with a goal of producing models of them with as great a degree of accuracy as possible.

Lead Moderator: Ben Hom, PRRT&HS Member #3348

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PRR Pro is a Yahoo group is designed to allow modelers who are building specific Pennsylvania Railroad related projects to share ideas, techniques and the finished models. Every 2-4 months we will select a new project to pursue as a group. Only PRR projects will be considered. Only messages related to the current group project or completed projects are appropriate. Projects may include rolling stock (freight or passenger), buildings or other PRR related items. All scales are welcome to participate!

Lead Moderator: Bruce Smith, PRRT&HS Member

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Project #30, to start on January 1, 2018, is F28, F29, and F33 heavy duty flat cars.

Project #29, started July 1, 2017, is tool/hand car sheds.

Project #28, started January 1, 2017, was GR and GRA gondolas.

Project #27, started July 1, 2016, was the X26 series of box cars.

Project #26, started January 1, 2016, was FALLS and COLONIAL mid-train lounges.

Project #25, started July 1, 2015, was GLA hoppers.

Project #24, started January 1, 2015, was signals.

Project #23, started July 1, 2014, was F22 and F23 flat cars.

Project #22, started January 1, 2014, was B60 series baggage cars.

Project #21 started June 11, 2013, was coaling facilities.

Project #20 was XL box cars.

Project #19 was wood cabin cars.

Project #18 was wreck derricks.

Project #17 was GP7 and GP9 diesel locomotives.

Project #16 was FGE/BRE/WFE/NX wood reefers.

Project #15  was H8, H9, and H10 steam locomotives.

Project #14 was TM8 and ACF Type 11 tank cars.

Project #13 was X31 series box cars.

Project #12 was heavyweight sleepers.

Project #11 was towers (interlocking towers, block stations, etc).

Project #10 was the FM/FGR/FGRA flat cars (both revenue service and MOW).

Project #9 was the N5 series of cabin cars. Shown: Bowser N5 and Sunset N5 (brass).

Project #8 was the H21 hopper. Shown: H21D model by Chuck Cover.

Project #7 was I1 steam locomotives. Shown: PennLine I1 with shoes.

Project #6 was Baldwin "Shark" diesel locomotives.Shown: Tyco-Athearn BP20 bash.

Project #5 was the P70 series of heavyweight passenger cars. Shown: an as-built P70 coach.

Project #4 was the G22 gondola. Shown: Angela Sutton's resin N scale G22.

Project #3 was the X29 series of box cars. Shown: David Vollmer's trio of N scale X29's.

Project #2 was the R50B express reefer. Shown: Bruce Smith's Walthers R50B, tuscan scheme.

Project #1 was the F30 series of flat cars. Shown: Bruce Smith's Bowser F30A with Heiser Sherman tanks.